Who We Are

Take the alphabet. Reverse it. That’s the order of these names:


Asaf Ronen.

He’s a Jew. Obviously. I mean… the name, for chrissakes. He keeps himself busy. Not, you know… what… not insidiously. Busy. Teaching all over the world. San Fran. Atlanta. Lillehammer. You know, Norway. Yeah, where they had the Olympics. He’s going to friggin’ Alaska to teach. He’s been doing this about 20 years. 20 years of improv. Big party for that Asafapalooza. Even wrote a book.  On Directing.  Like I said, busy Jew.



Troy Miller

Hails from Kansas City.  Kansas.  Cuz, you know, there are two KC’s.  Really, it’s all the same to us natives, but people wanna know. THEY WANT TO KNOW.  It’s– it’s– it’s unimportant.  What is important is that Troy has been performing and teaching improv since, what, 2002.  He’s produced shows.  Comedy shows.  Shows like the critically acclaimed “Start Trekkin”, improvised Hitchcock, even a frickin’ Law & Order parody.  He made a movie called– wait, a feature film– it’s– like an homage to film noir. Called “Severance”.  Troy lives in Austin.  Texas.  It’s the, you know, the capitol.
They got bats.



Michael Ferstenfeld

He’s definitely the shortest, but that doesn’t mean—I don’t think I’m saying anything about anyone here—doesn’t mean the kid don’t have spunk.  All I’m saying, worst comes to worst, who do you want on your side?  I mean… there’s the actual Mamet-script producing theatre company he runs. That’s something. And then there’s movies… and music… and … things to do with technology… do you see?  Many things.  Hey, you—all of us—we do what we have to do, I know it, in order to feel that we— that we do enough.  And then we do more.  And then, well, then you gotta sleep.



Jeff Britt

He’s… I’m not saying anything, just…. the guy needs to exercise.  Maybe drink less sodas. He gets out.  He does, he gets out. Camping.  There are places to go camping.  He does that.  That’s good.  But Christ…  And there’s his diet to consider, if he…. But that’s neither here nor there.  Yes, the simple thing to say, a case like Jeff’s… he’s an actor, he writes, he writes comedy scenes, he… I wanna say he writes movies.  But that’s yet to be uh…. And he can go on and on about movies, you get him talking.  Sometimes, he likes to get inside your head…. Performance art, the experimental type, he does that stuff… thing called Happiness is a Choice. Look it up, and I swear to you, they are on the Internet.
They are right there.



Tom Booker

…is from LA so he thinks he’s a freakin’ big deal.  If he were such a big deal, he would still be in LA making money instead of sweating his ass off in Austin making us listen to all his stories. And, man, stories?  This guy’s got stories.  There is not one single celebrity that Tom Booker hasn’t worked with, talked to, or screwed. He’s been on TV, done (give or take) a billion commercials, and a movie or two.  Lah Dee Mother Fuckin’ Dah!  Some Big Shot!  If he’s such a big deal, then why is he driving around in a ’99 Saturn?  You tell me.



Chris Allen

…is known by, well, he’s known by CeeJ.  Like in CeeJTV on viddler?  Where his comic films and music videos… geez, are they absurd… where they lay to roost.  And improv?  Hell, since seven odd years now ago… many troupes.  Even a sketch troupe, Hoover’s Blanket.  Yeah, they were weird.  Like in one sketch there was a Jet… not a jet… A Jet—like from West Side Story—having a knife fight with his subconscious… Oh, and… you can catch him… yeah, often… at The Hideout Theatre.  Doing Maestro.  Flailing about on stage.  Doing Maestro.  For the masses.


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