Where We Been

So, here it is: these are all (or most) of the places we been–I mean fictionally and physically–in the last however many years it’s been. Here, look it, lemme put it another way: we done this many plays, improvised plays, and we always (or usually) get a suggestion of a location at which to set them. Those’re settings there on the left, see, and where we were in reality is on the right, do you see? Ah, fuck it, you know what I mean. Some of these got links to videos. Some of ’em don’t. Yet. We got almost all of these on tape, though, so it’s just a matter of, you know, how much time it takes to get the thing over to you. So check back often. Cuz time flies. Overwhelmed? How bout just watch our Hall of Justice or Area 51 shows. Those’re good ones.


(at least another half dozen shows still to be added up here when the web guy gets a break)

Retirement Villageapr 11 – Improvised Play Festival at The Hideout Theater

Roman Coliseumfeb 27 – The Hideout Theater

Captain’s Loungejan 16 – w/ Special Guest TOM PURCELL from the Colbert Report


dec 6 – 100 Shows and C#nting

The Womboct 10th – Wafflefest at The Hideout Theater

The C*!#pse Grinderoct 10th – MISTER MORBID’S MOONLIGHT MOVIE MAYHEM MADNESS MASSACRE at The Institution Theater w/ guest Peter Rogers

Alcatrazoct 3rd – at The Hideout Theatre w/ guests Kacey Samiee and Jordan T. Maxwell

Adoption Agencyaug 30th – Out of Bounds at The Institution Theater w/ Parisian Gentlemen

Golden Gate Bridgejun 24rg – Post Rubber Room at The Institution Theater w/ guest Jonathan Monkhouse

WORLD’S FAIRjun 22nd – 45 Hour Marathon at The Hideout Theater

Art Colonyapr 11th – Improvised Play Festival at The Hideout Theater

??feb 15th – “F*!ck, I’m 50!” Birthday Bash at The Institution Theater

Inside a Videogamejan 17th – w/ Pgraph at The Hideout Theater


Teacher’s Loungedec 6th – “100 Shows and C#nting” at The Institution TheaterCabin in the Woodsoct 25th – The Spectacle at Hideout Theater

MoonBaseaug 31st – Out of Bounds at The Long Center

United Nationsjuly 25th – Ponzi Scream, Institution Theater

The Pencil Variationsjun 22nd – 44-hour Improv Marathon

The Dawn of Manmay 18th – The Hideout Theatre, Us and Joe Bill

Camping Tripapril 14th – ZACH Theatre

The Bayouapril 13th – Improvised Play Festival, The Hideout Theatre

Rooftop Gardenfeb 21st – Curious Comedy in Portland, OR

Jury Dutyfeb 16th – Seattle Festival of Improv Theatre, Jet City Improv

Candylandfeb 15th – Seattle Festival of Improv Theatre, Cultural Arts Center

Flea Marketfeb 9th – Institution Theater’s Bitterfest

Donut Shop in a Strip Mallfeb 2nd – Institution Theater Birthday Clusterfunk

Planet of the Apesjan 5th – A Year in Review, Institution theater


LucasFilms – nov 22nd – Hideout Theatre / Waffle Fest

Laundromat – oct 12th – Hideout Theatre – Spectacle w/ Pgraph

Sesame Street – sept 29th – IMPROVAGANZA at Mark’s Art Garage in Honolulu, HI

Rivendell – sept 28th – IMPROVAGANZA at Mark’s Art Garage in Honolulu, HI

Oz – Kansas City Improv Festival

The Zoo – aug 25th – This Feather House Party

NPR – aug 31st – Out of Bounds

Treehousejune 16th? – Hideout Theatre

The Infidelity Variationsjune 3rd – 43 Hour Improv Marathon, Hideout Theatre

The Great Pyramid – april 14th – Hideout Theatre / Improvised Play Festival

Mamet Goes To The Movies – Mametizing The Movies We Love

Star Warsmar 31st – Mametizing Movies with Robert Faires, David Lee Hess and John Ratliff, and Peter RogersThe Exorcistmar 24th – Mametizing Movies with Courtney Hopkin and Erika MayRobocop – mar 17th – Mametizing Movies with with Kareem Badr and Bob McNicholThe Ten Commandments – mar 10th – Mametizing Movies with Andy Crouch and Shannon McCormickThe Daily Planet – mar 9th – After A Chick & A Dude’s Production of Glen-gary Glen Ross

Toy Storymar 3rd – Mamet at the Movies with Craig Kotfas and Arthur Simone

Mamet Goes to the Movies – jan 29th – Institution Theater

Yoga Studio – feb 16th -Seattle Festival of Improvised Theatre

Dog Show – feb 15th – Seattle Festival of Improvised Theatre / Cultural Arts Center

Carnival Sideshow – jan 6th – Institution Theater (audio)


Round Table Variations – dec 24th – Institution Theater

Japanese Bullet Train – dec 17th – Institution Theater

Clock Tower – nov 19th – Hideout Theater / Waffle Fest

Petting Zoo – oct 9th – Hideout Theatre “Weekender”

Hall of Justice – sept 3rd – State Theatre – Out of Bounds Comedy Festival (audio)

Core of the Earth – jul 1st – Hideout Theatre’s Improvised Play Festival

English Garden – jun 27th – People’s Improv Theatre, New York, New York

The White House – jun 26th – Improv Boston

Bait Shop – jun 25th – Providence Improv Festival – Perishable Theatre

Morgue – jun 24th – Providence Improv Festival – Trinity Rep Theatre

Second Conniversary – jun 12th – Blue Theatre

Operyhouse – jun 4th – Hideout Theatre’s 42 Hour Improv Marathon (51st show!)

Boarding House – may 8th – Hyde Park Theatre, Laughs for the Cure (video exists)

Kremlin – may 6th – Hideout Theatre (video exists)

Campaign Office – april 30th – SVT

Catacombs – april 29th – Hideout Spectacle w/ Journey to Big Water

News Room – feb 24th – Vancouver

Mount Olympus – feb 19th – Seattle Festival

Arctic Research Facility – feb 18th – Seattle Festival of Improvised Theater – Market Theater

Castle – feb 3rd – Hideout


Feast of Fools – dec 18th – Off Center

Feast of Fools – dec 17th – Off Center

Feast of Fools – dec 16th – Off Center

Library – dec 10th – Hideout

-Something-nov 20th – Hideout Waffle Fest

Real Estate Appraisal – oct 3rd – When Harry Meets David / Hyde Park

Maternity Ward – sept 24th – Spectacle

The Border – sept 4th – Out of Bounds

Masonic Lodge (Illuminati) – august 29th – The Highball

Space Station – august 28th?? – Salvage Vanguard

Lingerie Store (Cold War) – august 22nd – The Highball

Niagara Falls – july 24th – Hyde Park w/ Webster and Zinn

Men’s Empowerment Workshop – July 23rd – Hideout Theatre’s “Spectacle”

Area 51 – june 24th – Brave New Workshop – Twin Cities Improv Festival

50s Diner – june 4th – 41 Hour Improv Marathon at the Hideout

Barmitzvah – june 3rd – Our One Year Conniversary – w/ special guest Ken Webster (audio) (lottery)

Boxing Gym – Hideout Spectacle

Movie set – April 8th – w/ Lauren Zinn

Train Station – April 1st – w/ Madeline Malka

Firestation – March 25th – w/ Shana Merlin

AA Meeting – March 6th – Oklahoma City (audio only, video coming soon)

Pet Shop – February 28th – Salvage Vanguard (audio only)

Wedding – February 20th – Seattle

Preschool – February 19th – Seattle

Submarine – February 18th – Portland

Car Dealership – January 30th – Hyde Park – Frontera Best of Week (audio only)

Deck of a Cruise Ship – January 28th – Hyde Park – FRONTERAFEST

Cobblestone Street – January 22nd – Hideout


Asylum – December 11th – Hideout (audio only, pictures soon)

Graveyard – November 27th – Hideout?

Monastery – November 20th – Waffle Fest

Hospital Operating Room – November 15th – Regular People

Back Stage – October 18th – B. Iden Payne Award Ceremony

Stock Exchange – October 10th – ART OUTSIDE (audio only, video somewhere)

NASA – Salvage Vanguard

Waffle House – September 20 – BiRDHOUSE Gallery (audio only)

Aquarium – September 3 – SVT – Out of Bounds Festival

Prison – August 21 – Hideout

Diner – July 31 – Hideout

Conservatory – July 17 – Oklahoma Improv Festival

Greenhouse – July 16 – Coldtowne

Airport Bar – July 9 – Coldtowne

Ice HouseJune 25 – Hideout

BookstoreJune 18 – Hideout

Ice Skating Rink – June 11 – Hideout (audio only)

Loading Dock – June 4 – Hideout

Recreational Vehicle – Great Wheel of Improv, Hideout Grand Re-opening

Tea Room – May 23 – Rehearsal (audio only)


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