Single row tapered roller bearings

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Taper roller bearings can take both axial and radial loads. The axial load carrying capacity of the bearings is largely determined by the contact angle α as shown in the figure below. If the contact angle α is larger, then the axial load carrying capacity is higher and vice versa.

Taper roller bearings are designed in such a way that vertices of the cone for each roller and those for the inner and outer raceways coincides on the bearing axis or extensions of the raceways and rollers converge at a common point on the axis of rotation. This results in true rolling motion of the rollers on the raceways at every point along the rollers. The taper roller bearings support radial loads and axial loads from one direction only. The line contact between rollers and raceways provide the bearings with a high load carrying capacity.

Steep angle taper roller bearing with exceptionally steep cone angle enables the bearings to take heavier axial load. The bearings are of separable type, enabling separate mounting of cups and cones.

Since the taper roller bearings can absorb thrust loads in one direction only, these bearings should generally be installed as opposed mountings. The correct amount of radial and axial clearance is obtained by adjusting the two bearings against each other.